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TopTech Ultraviolet Light System TT-UV24-14 UV Light, 14 inch 24 volt

TopTech’s TT-UV24 will provide you with years of safe, dependable, economical UV light disinfection and protection of your AC coil surfaces from bacteria, virus, mold growth and odors resulting in a cleaner, more efficient energy-saving system. Who can benefit from UV Treatment? -Fragile immune systems(Children/Seniors) -Allergies -Respiratory complications -High humidity regions -Energy efficiency of HVAC equipment -Fights mold and bacteria growth -Affordable -Designed for any residential system -Effective UV-C light neutralizes the microbe by penetrating its cell walls and severing the bonds of its DNA Works 24/7. Operates continually all year round disinfecting cooling coils, drain pans, and air duct surfaces. Science. Optimized to produce light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. Proven to be most effective for microbial control. Antibacterial. Independently laboratory tested and proven to reduce airborne and surface bacteria. Low Maintenance. The only maintenance required is the annual replacement of the bulb. Specifications: 2-wire 24V electronic power supply 50/60 Hz – 1.1 amps Extended range ballast (19V - 34V) 3000V surge protection 14 lamp length Protective filter shield included Water-resistant connections Extra long lamp cord (6 ft) Patented flange for delta plate installations Suitable for up to 5 ton (2000 CFM) systems Average bulb life 9000 hours (Peak performance) Dimensions: 4.75L x 2.25W x 2H. Bracket: 3.5L x 2.25W x 3.5H. Lamp Life: 9000 hours continuous operation.
  • 2-wire 24V electronic power supply (Requires 24v Power supply from unit or independent, not included)
  • 14" lamp length
  • Protective filter shield included
  • Average bulb life 9000 hours (Peak performance)
  • Suitable for up to 5 ton (2000CFM) systems

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Nominal Vs. Actual Sizes: Finding the Right Air Filter Size

Buying the Correct Size Air Filter- The Most Important Thing to Know 

When you are buying your air filter online most important thing to know is Air Filters have two sizes that you need to understand the Nominal size and the Actual Size. Not understanding these numbers often leads to consumers purchasing a filter that does not fit their Furnace or HVAC system.

Nominal vs Actual air filter size by Atomic


Understanding Nominal Filters Size Could Save You Time and Money

Not understanding the Nominal Filter Size is the primary culprit for incorrectly purchased filters.The Nominal Size is the usually the dimensions used to Label the filter. For instance 16x20x1. These dimensions are a rounded value on the filters actual measurements. The actual measurements on this filter may be 15.5x19.5x.75, but that could vary by brand and manufacturer. So in order to make sure you have the correct size filter, especially if you are replacing with a different brand it is important to confirm the actual size on the filter. When purchasing filters on the internet the Nominal size is usually found in the product title.

Actual Filter Size- The Key to Making the Right Replacement Filter Purchase

The actual size as you might have guessed are the actual dimensions of the filter by length, width and thickness. This size is often on the filter right below the Nominal size and is usually labeled as the actual size. When you are buying a filter online the actual size is sometime in the product bullet point or the product description. If your filter does not have actual dimensions on the outside of the filter, you can measure you filter to get the correct dimensions. Some brands have a foam gasket on the outside of the filter, in this case, you will want to make sure you have a compatible actual size and that it also has the foam to ensure a snug fit. 

Lennox Air Filter X0851 with Foam strips

Examples of Nominal and Actual Sizes

 Size  Example 1  Example 2
Nominal Size 20x20x1 16x20x1
Actual Size 19.5x19.5x.75 15.75x19.75x.75


 Furnace filters should fit securely but should not have to be forced into position. If you have to force the filter into its slot, then it is probably too big. Forcing an improper filter size in a filter can cause it to buckle, damaging the filter or reducing its ability to function properly. Filters are a smaller than their slot to allow for easy replacement. Some HVAC units may need a filter with dimensions that are unique or uncommon. In these cases, a custom filter needs to be ordered.