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RGF currently makes two models REME HALO Air Purifiers, the REME-H model and the REME-HALO-LED model. Both models are installed in the duct of your HVAC system and use the same processes to actively Kill Mold, Bacteria and Virus in the Air and on Surfaces and to reduce odors, particulates, smoke, and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Most significant difference between these purifiers is that the REME-H model uses a traditional mercury filled UV bulb(life of 25,000 hrs - 2 years) in the unit, where the REME-HALO-LED model uses new LED technology(life 4-5 years) to create UV light. The REME-H model has to be installed with continuous power because cycling on and off a mercury UV bulb can drastically shorten the bulb life. The REME HALO LED can be installed to shut on and off with the air flow. Overall the REME HALO LED has a 4 year limited warranty on the bulb and 7 year limited warranty on the ballast where the REME-H has a 2 year limited warranty on the bulb and a 5 year limited warranty on the ballast. 

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REME HALO Air Purifier previewed on Fox and Friends by Skip Bedell

The Reme HALO induct Air Purifier was featured today September 4th on Fox News Fox and Friends as a product to purifier the air in your home. The REME HALO uses multiple technologies to active clean the air and surfaces in your entire home.

REME HALO induct air purifier on FOX NEWs Fox and friends

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RGF Replacement Cells by unit model and replacement part number 

Look up your replacement part here on the list of replacement cells for some of the most popular RGF products. 

 REME HALO Model REME-H   REME-H Replacement Bulb Cell PHIC-RH

RGF Replacement Cells / UV Lamps 

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Air Knight IPG and PX5

Toptech touts the Air Knight as a Complete whole home active air purifier. Using
multiple technologies to offer best in class, active air purification indoors, the Air Knight targets bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds, respirable particulate, and more.

Air Knight Top Tech TT-AK24IPG-14 14"

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The following instructions are recommended installation instructions of the REME HALO LED for HVAC Contractors from the Manufacturer: 

REME HALO LED Wiring Diagram

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REME HALO H-24 Wiring Diagram


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Proactively Protecting Your Home

Most air purification systems filter and treat the air as it enters your HVAC system. The Reme Halo by RGF takes a more comprehensive approach to attacking pollutant in your homes in the air and on surfaces. Releasing natural ionized advance oxidizer into the air to literally purifier air and surfaces.  

The world of HVAC is always advancing, making use of new technologies and new approaches to improve the capabilities of the average homeowner’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Along with energy efficiency, one of the biggest categories of breakthroughs has been the emergence of products and technologies to improve overall indoor air quality. Under ordinary circumstances, ventilation systems can contribute pollutants to your surroundings, spreading bacteria, mold, dust, dander, and other particles that can aggravate respiratory conditions or facilitate the spread of illnesses.

UV light attachments, like the RGF REME HVAC HALO 24V Air Purification System Light, attempt to counteract these pollutants. But how exactly do they work, and are they really worth the investment? 

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Get the Best Quality 16X20x1 Air Filter for Your Money and Protect Your Air Quality

Price is an important consideration when doing home maintenance by replacing your air filters, but your air filter is not only an important component in protecting your homes HVAC(Heating Ventaliation and Air Conditioning) system, it is important for protecting your family against the top concerns of health and environmental organizations such as the CDC, EPA and American Lung Association. Indoor air quality or IAQ can be 200 to 500 times more polluted than the air outside. 

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How to Choose the Right Air Filter to Protect Your Air Quality

Your air filter is not only an important component in protecting your homes HVAC(Heating Ventaliation and Air Conditioning) system, it is important for protecting your family against the top concerns for the CDC, EPA and American Lung Association. Indoor air quality or IAQ can be 200 to 500 times more polluted than the air outside. 

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Lennox X7935 MERV 16 Furnace Filter Free Shipping Healthy Climate HCC14-16 Air Cleaner $98.95

Experience the ultimate air quality with the Lennox  X7935 Air filter.

  • Use in Lennox Healthy Climate HCC14-16 Air Cleaner
  • MERV 16 Efficiency to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns
  • Actual Size: 19-3/4" x 19-7/8" x 4-3/8"
  • Lasts up to 1 Year in Many Home Environments
  • Genuine Lennox OEM Filter
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Standard 1 Inch Furnace Filters

1 Inch Air Filters also known as Furnace Filters, HVAC Filters, Air Conditioner Filter and AC Filters. Atomic brand filters are made from Quality materials in The USA. Made in the USAFilters are made of synthetic material and pleated for optimal air flow. Air filters with a Nominal Size of 1 inch thick air filters have an actual size of .75 inches. MERV 8 air filters use Mechanical filtering to filter out particulate from the air flow. MERV 11 and MERV 13 air filters use Triboelectric(or electrostatic properties in addition to mechanical means to filter the air flow. 

Air Filter Size Chart

Find Your Filter Sizes Easy in 1" Deep Filters , 2" Deep Filters, 4" Deep Filters

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