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What is Atomic Filters Experience and Expertise?

Atomic Filters has the Experience and Expertise You can Trust

Atomic Filters was founded by Kevin King 2015. Seeing the need for better consumer education in the HVAC, water, and most recently pool and spa filter industry, Kevin has focused on creating educational blog content and the most accurate product information on Atomicfllters.com for consumers to help them avoid the common pitfalls of buying Air and Water filter online. 

Atomic Filters

HVAC Filter, Air Filter, Furnace Filter, AC filter, Geothermal filter and Air Conditioner Filter Experience

Led by Kevin King, Atomic Filters has led the effort to make it easier for thousands of consumers to understand and find the correct filters in the very confusion world of HVAC. Having sold some of the very first home HEPA filters in the early 1990's, King already had a very good understanding of the air and water quality issues solved by better filtration as well as the terminology of the industry and common pitfalls faced by consumers.

MERV Ratings For Air Filters

Experience Explaining Regional Air Filter Terminology(AC Filters = Furnace Filters) 

The first issues was related to terminology, and simply delt with regional variations of how customers referred and searched for the products. An HVAC Filter, Air Filter, Furnace Filter, AC filter, Geothermal filter and Air Conditioner Filter are all the same product, but identified by different names based on what region of the country the customer lives in or where they grew up. For instance, people from the North East generally refer to filter as furnace filters due to the fact that many home previously or still had furnaces. In the South filters are generally referred to as AC filters or Air conditioner filters.

Furnace Filter Sizing Experience (nominal vs actual)

Actual VS Nominal Sizes

Blog Showing Experience Explaining Filters Sizing

In the HVAC industry, Furnace filters are generally referred  to by there "nominal size" which is a rounded sizes that can be rounded up or down and varies in the actual dimensions by manufacturer. The "actual size" of a filter are the actual measured dimensions of the filter. 

A simple strategy to insure the most accurate for information is we physically take each item and show the customer a picture of the side of the filter which actual has the Nominal and actual Size of the filter. not all filters have the actual size listed in which case we will measure the filters and include those dimension. 

Experience Providing Customer accurate Model Numbers

In addition to having sizing on the side of the filters, usually the model number is included on the side of the filter. We product images showing the model numbered when applicable.

Accurate Modell Numbers

Thousand of 5 Star Reviews on Atomic Filters, Ebay, and Amazon Commenting on Customer Service and Accurate Orders (Customer Service Experience)

Atomic has thousands of 5 star reviews commenting on our customer service experience and our ability to help them find the correct filter. answering thousands of customer service calls and emails has allowed us to provide accurate information and orders to  the many thousands of our customers.

Thousands of Five Star Reviews for Atomic Filters

Atomic Filters Reviews

Amazon Reviews

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YouTube Videos teaching Customers how to find the corrects filter

Kevin King has lead the effort for Atomic Filters, on YouTube videos to educate customers on finding the correct products explaining the most common mistakes customer have made and how to avoid them. 

How to Find the Right Filter YouTube Kevin King 

Atomic Filters Experience as a Trusted Source of Filters

Why Trust Atomic Filters? Atomic Filters has empowered homeowners, HVAC contractors and business for more than 7 year with top-notch filter information in the form of blog information, YouTube Videos, and digital content such as accurate product image and how to articles on its website and social media platforms. The Atomic Filters team focuses on creating in-depth product content to help inform your purchasing decision for just about any AC or Furnace Filter that you might need for your home. The Atomic Filters content team has written blogs covering thousands of questions on furnace filters and related products, from Air filters, Geothermal air filters, Room Air purifiers UV lights, and more. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have left reviews to attest to the fact that we can not only provide the information to make a great purchasing decision, but we can also deliver products need quickly at a great value with excellent customer service. 
We provide product information using the actual product as a starting point so you can have accurate images and product model numbers, sizing and compatible replacement and use an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available information.

Atomic Filters have been Featured On Fox News segment on Air Quality, The Weather Channel (Winterizing Your Home) by Emmy Award Winning HGTV Producer Chip WadeChip is the owner of WadeBuilt LLC, a design and construction firm, and resides in Atlanta Georgia.

Atomic Has been Awarded the Trusted Stores Badge on Google Shopping and is an Amazon Top Rated Seller, and Ebay Top Rated Seller

Continuing Education Expertise Within The Industry

Atomic Filters and Kevin King have attended and continue to attend both technical Seminar and Trade Only Conventions including NAFA(National Air Filtration Association) Seminars and Certification'sas well ARH the trade Show for the HVACR Industry. These continuing education seminars and industry shows Atomic Filters to keep up on the latest industry innovation and expertise. ARH Showshowcases new products and provide educational seminars for the HVACR industry. NAFA is Know as the Source for Expertise Education and Standard in Air Filtration.

Atomic has been privledged to support

Founded by the the son of a US Navy veteran, Atomic Filters has been proud to support the following Charities that support our veterans and their families.

Atomic Filters has supported Special Operation Warrior Foundation, UDT Seal Foundation and Fold of Honor.