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Trion Air Bear Furnace Filters

Atomic Filters Carries a Large selection of Home Air Filters by Trion and compatible replacements for Trion Air Bear Furnace Filters at discounted prices.Trion is a leader around the Globe in Indoor Air Quality Products. Since 1947, millions of products have been installed in homes all over the United States, North America, and around the world. Having a proven a reliable performance history of high quality and dependable products, Trion offers you the right products to assist you in meeting your goals for home indoor air quality. Whether you're looking for a simple system to meet the minimum requirements of furnace manufacturers' warranty (Trion's Air Bear Supreme), high efficiency systems that provide superior performance (Trion's HE Plus), humidity for energy savings or to provide moisture (Trion Humidifiers), or a combination of both, Trion products are here for you.

Trion Furnace Filters help reduce energy cost

If you have ever turned up your thermostat in the winter when you were cold in your house, even though your thermostat was set at 72 degrees. This is because, without the proper humidity in your home, it can feel up to eight degrees cooler.

Just like humid summer days create a heat index hotter than the actual temperature, too little humidity has the opposite effect in the winter and can make your home feel colder than it really is. Using the properly sized and selected Trion Steam, Evaporative or Atomizing Humidifier is just one thing you can add to your home to make it feel warmer inside without turning the thermostat up. Depending upon your normal winter indoor humidity levels, you may find with a properly selected Trion Humidifier that you can turn your thermostat down by five degrees and still have it feel warmer than it did last winter. According to several utility companies, a five degree lower setting on your thermostat can reduce the amount of energy required for heating by up to 15%.

Trion Filters For Better Health

 Studies by the EPA and numerous medical experts indicate that when humidity levels are below 30%, these conditions can occur: Dry Skin, Chapped Lips, or Dry Eyes in the winter. Humidifying your home's air between 30% to 50% is one of the recommended treatments. American Lung Association cautions that humidity levels over 50% can lead to the growth of biological organisms such as dust mites that can cause allergic reactions and asthma symptoms. Additional medical studies indicate that the Flu virus survives longer in indoors environments, such as your home when humidity levels are low. The use of a properly sized and selected Trion Steam, Evaporative, or Atomizing Humidifier is one step in increasing your winter-time comfort.