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Why TopTech whole house air cleaners
  • Toptech Air cleaner attaches to any forced air heating or cooling system
  • Incredible standard MERV 11* filtration rate
  • Maintain high-efficiency levels of your HVAC Equipment
  • Help protect your family and home from airborne particulates, allergens, dust, and dander
  • Cleans the air in your entire home every time your heating or cooling system is on
  • Easy filter cartridge replacement
Why TechPure Air Cleaners from Toptech
  • Specifically Sized for the correct air handlers and furnaces
  • Reflectix® R-4.2 insulated cabinet and door
  • Low pressure drop (0.181" @ 492 FPM)
  • Utilizes standard size media
  • Includes duct/equipment mounting gasket and door cleaner
  • Easy filter size identifier printed on the door label
  • Solid 22 gauge galvanized steel cabinet

The TopTech brand – represents the finest quality HVAC parts, supplies, and accessories which are consistently made at the highest levels above the competition with quality control measures and feature sets.

About TopTech

Toptech is under the Carrier Enterprise, LLC (CE) umbrella of brands which is part of the largest independent HVAC/R distribution company in the world. CE proudly distributes the Carrier, Bryant and Payne brands of HVAC equipment, as well as a full-line of aftermarket parts, supplies, and accessories, including TopTech, our own line of aftermarket parts and accessories. CE has over 110 locations throughout 20 states, Puerto Rico the Caribbean and Latin America.

Avoid this Common Mistake and Get the Correct Toptech Furnace Filter Size

The Most common mistake made when ordering filters is ordering the wrong size furnace filter. This is because the size on the filters is not necessarily the actual size of the filter. Filters are sold by nominal sizes which are rounded sizes and usually vary by brand. You can usually Find the Size of Your Air Conditioner filter right on the size of the frame of the filter. The Picture of this 12x12x1 inch air filter has the Nominal size which is the size by which air filters are generally sold. On the right of the filter, it also includes the actual size of the filter which are the true measures dimensions of the filter by length width and depth. See air filter image:

Complete List of Furnace Air Conditioner Filters by Size

If there is no size on your current AC filter, you can measure the length, width, and depth of the filter and the filter to find the Actual Size of your filter with the Corresponding Furnace Filter size in the Furnace Filter Size(Nominal Size) Chart.

Subscribe and Save on Toptech Whole House Furnace Filters: When you find the Toptech filter you need, choose our subscription option and save 5% on most filters. You will not only save money but also your time. Your filters will be delivered automatically based on the schedule you choose. If you move or go on vacation you can swap out your login make changes to your subscription. You can pause a filter subscription or swap out a product and change the frequency of your order.