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Atomic Filters is committed to helping you find the right filter right now at a price you will love. The Find my filter search bar will help you find a replacement by model number or size but if you would like more information before choosing your filter, The Air filter knowledge page is a good place to start.

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Founded by the the son of a US Navy veteran, Atomic Filters has been honored to support the following Charities that support our veterans and their families.

Atomic Filters has supported Special Operation Warrior Foundation, UDT Seal Foundation and Fold of Honor. If you would like to help support these fine charities, please click on the link in the logo to learn more.

Atomic was once again honored to participate in the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and UDT Seal Association Charity Golf Tournament this past Monday March 6th,2023. As the founder of Atomic is a proud son and brother of Navy veterans it was a privilege for Atomic Filters to donate once again to this worthy cause. 

UDT Seal Association and Special Operations Warrior Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

5 Benefits to Setting the Fan on Low to improve Air Quality in Your Home

Setting the fan to the "on" or "low" setting

When your HVAC system is running(Heating or Cooling) air is being drawn through the system by the blower fan and is filtered through your air filters there by improving your air quality. If your fan is set to auto, it will shut on and off with the system. Setting the fan to the "on" or "low" setting will run the blower continuously which will drawn air through the system and filter the air. Many thermostats controls will have a low fan mode.  

Trane has several models of Quick box filters which ship flat and pop up, but require some assembly. Usually it is HVAC professionals who handle building theses filter and installing them in your HVAC unit, but more and more consumers are ordering there filters direct so we though we would put together a short video tutorial to help those who are not familiar with the assembly of these filters.