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Carrier Air Purifier Cartridge PGAPXCAR1625 New Part Number is AGAPXCAR1625: Get the Right Air Filter Every Time

Ordering Carrier Air Purifier Cartridges: Avoid these common mistakes and get the Right Furnace Filter Every Time

Carrier has recently the Part Number on the PGAPXCAR1625 to AGAPXCAR1625 leading to some confusion for consumers ordering their replacement filters. However these filters were already very confusion for consumers to order, because not only do they come in five different sizes, Carrier has two different types of Air Purifier Cartridge's one type for the Performance Series Germicidal Air Purifier and one for the Infinity Germicidal Air Purifies. 

Performance Series(PGAPXCAR) Vs Infinity Air Purifier(GAPCCCAR): Two ways to quickly Identify which You Need 

1. FOAM GASKET: The Performance Series Cartridge(PGAPXCAR or AGAPXCAR) has a foam strip on two sides of the air filter which make it easy to quickly identify as the Performance series. One Foam strip is on the front side of the filter on the same side as the item number. The Item number is below the installation date and the last 4 digits before the dash in part number in the image indicate below indicate the size. ie 1625 is 16x25 and 2025 is 20x25.

Foam strip and Item number on the PGAPXCAR2025 New AGAPXCAR2025 Carrier Air Purifier Cartridge part number PGAPXCAR new part(AGAPXCAR)

2. Size(Depth of the filter cartridge):  The size of the Performance Series(PGAPXCAR or AGAPXCAR) has a depth of about 2.6 inches. The Infinity Series(GAPCCCAR) is about 3.5 inches.

AGAPXCAR2025 Carrier Air Purifier Cartridge Filters  Depth Size

Get the Right Size for You Air Purifier Cartridge

Once you identify the Model you need Performance Series (PGAPXCAR new part number AGAPXCAR) vs. the Infinity Series(GAPCCCAR), you need to avoid another common mistake which is ordering the wrong size. Both the Performance Series and the Infinity series are sold in 5 different sizes each.The last 4 digits in the model number before the dash represent the size so the PGAPXCAR1625 is 16x25 inches.

Sizes are denoted by the last 4 digits in the part number. Ie PGAPAXCAR1625 is 16x25 size.
Sizes are nominal which means they are rounded numbers and can be rounded up or down. Actual size is the actual measured dimensions of the filter.

Performance Series (PGAPXCAR new part number AGAPXCAR)

Sizes (Remember PGAPXCAR is the same as AGAPXCAR) for Air Cleaner Model PGAPAXX
PGAPXCAR1620 (AGAPXCAR1620) 16x20 actual size 17.3 x 21.9 x 2.6 
PGAPXCAR1625 (AGAPXCAR1625) 16x25 actual size 17.3 x 24.9 x 2.6
PGAPXCAR2020 (AGAPXCAR2020) 20x20 actual size 21.0 x 21.9 x 2.6
PGAPXCAR2025 (AGAPXCAR2025) 20x25 actual size 21 x 24.9 x 2.6
PGAPXCAR2420 (AGAPXCAR2420) 24x20 actual size 24.5 x 21.9 x 2.6

Air Purifier Model PGAPAXX2025

last 3 digits after the - is the pack size for how it was shipped from the manufacturer -A01 -A02 -A05. They are all the same filter.

In conclusion, Remember The Performance Series(PGAPXCAR 2.6 inch deep filters) and the Infinity series(GAPCCCAR 3.5 inch deep filters) filters are not compatible so you need to chose the right model, but when you find your model you also need to choose the correct size.

Infinity Air Purifier Cartridges are 3.5 inches deep. Here are the five sizes for the GAPCCCAR filters.

GAPCCCAR1620 16x20 actual size 17-1/8" x 21-1/2" x 3 5/8"
GAPCCCAR162516x25 actual size 17 1/16" x 24 3/8" x 3 5/8"
GAPCCCAR2020 20x20 actual size 20 3/4" x 20 1/2" x 3 5/8"
GAPCCCAR202520x25 actual size 20 3/4" x 24 3/8" x 3 5/8"
GAPCCCAR2420 24x20 actual size 24 1/4 x 21 5/8 x 3 5/8
Image of GAPCCCAR filter showing model number
Carrier GAPCCCAR1625 infinity air purifier filter cartridge part number

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