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Choosing the best 10x20x1 Air Filter For Your Allergies in 2024

How to Pick the Right 10x20x1 Allergy Air Filter for You Using the MERV Rating System

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The MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating system was designed to help tell how well an air filter(also known as an AC filter or furnace filter) removes particles from the air. Higher rated filters are more efficient at removing a larger percentage of smaller particles from the air each time it passes through the filter.

In many homes each air return has a grill that opens so that you can replace your air filter(Your filter may be in the furnace instead of in a return grill in the wall).

Good air filters can protect the air quality in your home and do not have to be expensive. You can buy 10x20x1 Air filters in bulk (a case of six) and receive a huge discount over what you may pay at ACE Hardware, Walmart or Lowes for a single filter. No need to buy a 10x20x1 air filter 12 pack to save significantly on quality MADE IN THE USA air filters,

The EPA says about MERV 6 is the level that begins to protect air quality, so MERV 8 is a good minimum level for an air filter if you want to begin to protect your air quality. A minimum of MERV 11 is usually recommended for allergy suffers. MERV 13 is usually found in high end residential, hospital common areas, and high end commercial building that are LEED certified. A 20x20x1 air filter MERV 13, is considered an excellent air filter for allergies.


MERV Rating Chart for 10x20x1 Air filter


Find Your Furnace Filter Easily

Enter The FilterPart NumberorSizefrom Your Current Furnace Filter in the Search, for example, enter 10x20x1 or Lenox 98N42 to see results.


The Best 10x20x1 Home Air Filters: What You Need to Know Simplified

We are going to give you a simple way to pick the right air filter for your home because choosing the best air conditioner filter for your allergies can sometimes be a confusing task. So to easily find the best 10x20x1 air filters near me for allergies you wont need to go to Home Depot, Walmart or Costco when Atomic Filters can deliver the best MERV 13 air filters to your door. You can use the MERV chart below as an air filter comparison chart to find the best 10x20x1 HVAC filter.

The simple reason is that most people are not experts on their heating and air conditioning systems and generally rely on the recommendation of the company that services their HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) equipment.

What contaminants are in the air in my home

Air Filter Terminology:

What is the Difference Between A Home Air Filter and Furnace Filter?

The terms can be confusing but basically, people in different parts of the country refer to the same filters based on the type of primary system they use. In the North, you have Furnaces and South you use the Air Conditioner. Air Filters or Furnace Filters are also known as AC Filters, Air Conditioner Filters, HVAC Filters or Cold Air Return Filters.

Air Filters are the same thing as Furnace Filters and are also known as AC Filters, Air Conditioner Filters, HVAC Filters or Cold Air Return Filters.

Where is My Air Filter Located?

Homes with central heating and cooling systems have an air filter to protect the equipment and may have higher efficiency rated filter to protect the air quality in the home. The filter location on some HVAC systems can sometimes be more difficult to find. The air filter is can be located in the return air duct or blower compartment before the return air reaches the air handler.

You may have several returns in your home and each has an air filter. You also may have a single whole house filter that can be around 3 to 6 inches located in a filter cabinet, it should be next to your furnace or air handler.

What is MERV and How do I uses it to Choose the Best Filter?

The MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating system was designed to help tell how well an air filter removes particles from the air. What is MERV rating of the filter in your home? You may not even know because, more often than not, the company that services your HVAC system replaces the air filters during the service call. Each air return has a grill that opens so that you can replace your air filter. Depending on the size of your home you may have one air return to several. When replacing filters I see a lot of contractors use a cheap flat panel air filter with no MERV rating or a very low MERV rating. I have asked contractor many times when they put that filter in over the years and the answer is always the same. "This is the kind of air filter and I use is my self, those expensive air filters are a waste of money". Most people do not know much about how their HVAC system works so they just rely on what their contractor says. Basically, all these cheap air filters do is protect your HVAC equipment from large dust and lint. Essentially the cheap air filters with no MERV ratings can be so porous that particles that can damage your HVAC equipment, can pass right through the filter. Good air filters can protect the air quality in your home and do not have to be expensive.

What MERV filter should I use?

1. Find the Right Filter Rating: MERV(Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is a rating system for air filters create by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) to measure the efficiency of air filters. Some companies use their own rating system such as Home Depot uses FPR (FILTER PERFORMANCE RATING) and 3M uses MPR(MICRO-PARTICLE PERFORMANCE).
2. MERV 8 (comparable to MPR 600 and FPR 5) is a good level to begin to protect air quality in your home. MERV 11( Comparable MPR 1000-1200 FPR 7)and MERV 13(Comparable MPR 1500-1900 FPR 10) are used in superior commercial buildings and in homes with allergy sufferer. MERV 15 and MERV 16 are among the top residential air/furnace filters available.

What is FPR on air filters?

Some companies use their own rating system instead of the MERV rating system. Home Depot uses FPR (FILTER PERFORMANCE RATING) and 3M uses MPR (MICRO-PARTICLE PERFORMANCE).
2. MERV 8 is comparable to MPR 600 and FPR 5 and is a good level to begin to protect air quality in your home. MERV 11 is Comparable MPR 1000-1200 FPR 7. and MERV 13 is Comparable MPR 1500-1900 FPR 10 and are used in superior commercial buildings and in homes with allergy sufferer.

How Often Should I Change My AC Filter?

General pleated AC Filters are changed every 2 to 3 Months Depending on use. Environments with Smoke, heavy dust (ie Desert) or pets may need more frequent air filter changing.

Cheaper flat fiberglass filters may require changing every 30 days and may even be labeled as a 30 day filter.

Whole House AC Filters with a size from Approximately 3 to 6 inches in width can have a life spans as long as 6 to 12 months depending on environmental conditions.

Air Filter Sizing: Nominal VS Actual Size

When you are buying your air filter online most important thing to know is Air Filters have two sizes that you need to understand the Nominal size and the Actual Size. Not understanding these numbers often leads to consumers purchasing a filter that does not fit their Furnace or HVAC system.

Nominal vs Actual air filter size by Atomic


Understanding Nominal Filters Size Could Save You Time and Money

Not understanding the Nominal Filter Size is the primary culprit for incorrectly purchased filters. The Nominal Size is the usually the dimensions used to Label the filter. For instance 10x20x1. These dimensions are a rounded value on the filters actual measurements. The actual size measurements on this filter may be 15.5x24.5x.75, but that could vary by brand and manufacturer. So in order to make sure you have the correct size filter, especially if you are replacing with a different brand it is important to confirm the actual size on the filter. When purchasing filters on the internet the Nominal size is usually found in the product title.

Actual Filter Size- The Key to Making the Right Replacement Filter Purchase

The actual size as you might have guessed is the actual dimensions of the filter by length, width, and thickness. This size is often on the filter right below the Nominal size and is usually labeled as the actual size. When you are buying a filter online the actual size is sometime in the product bullet point or the product description. If your filter does not have actual dimensions on the outside of the filter, you can measure your filter to get the correct dimensions. Some brands have a foam gasket on the outside of the filter, in this case, you will want to make sure you have a compatible actual size and that it also has the foam to ensure a snug fit.

How Do I Find the Size of My AC Filter?

You can usually Find the Size of Your Air Conditioner filter right on the size of the frame of the filter. The Picture of this 10x20x1 inch air filter has the Nominal size which is the size by which air filters are generally sold. On the right of the filter, it also includes the actual size of the filter which are the true measures dimensions of the filter by length width and depth. See air filter image:

If there is no size on your current AC filter, you can measure the length width depth of the filter and the filter to find the Actual Size of your filter with the Corresponding Furnace Filter size in the Furnace Filter Size.

What Kind Of Air Filter Do I Need to Protect the Air in My Home?


According to the EPA, indoor air quality(IAQ) can be 200% to 500% more polluted than the air outside. In Order to protect the air in your home, the EPA says air filter rating of MERV 7 to 13 is needed. Air filter rating of 1 to 6 are basically to protect the HVAC equipment.

Super Charge Your 10x20x1 Air Filters

You can proactively clean the air and surfaces in your home by adding an In Duct Air Purifier that creates supercharged particles. The iWave uses patented technology, called needle-point bi-polar ionization, to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions. When these ions are injected into the air stream, they break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. This is the same compound created by thunderstorms and waterfalls in nature and helps purify the air. Aerosolized ions are effective in reducing bacteria, viruses, odors, and other contaminants that exist in the air you breathe inside your home.This creates charged particles which will attract to other particle in the air for better filtration when using electrostatic filters. Check out the Iwave-R to Learn more abouthow these air purifiers workto purifier the air and surfaces in your home.

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Air Filter MERV Ratings Simplified

A good pleated 10x20x1 MERV 8 filter is going to allow a good air flow for your HVAC equipment and help protect the air quality in your home. It will filter out a high percentage of pet dander, pollen, mold and bacteria.

A pleated MERV 11 10x20x1 air filter is going to achieve superior performance using electrostatic properties to filter out both a greater quantity and smaller particles from the air your family is breathing is your home.

MERV 13 10x20x1 air filters also use electrostatic properties to achieve the maximum protection for the air in your home and filters out the greatest percent of particles including allergens, and the smallest particles. Because many very fine allergens like pollen and pet dander can set off allergies this filter is the best choice for the allergy suffer, It is also the best choice for removing other pollutants from the air that can affect the health of all family members. Check out these simple steps you can use to help protect your family's air quality and detoxify your home. 

Need Another Size Filter? Find it by Size

20x20x1 MERV 13 FAir Filter best choice for Allergy Suffers

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