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How to Replace Your Furnace Filter 2021

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When it it time to replace your furnace filter you want to make sure you have a good filter that is the correct size and the filter is going to protect your air quality as well as your HVAC equipment.

Watch Step by Step Replacing a Furnace Filter in the Video 

Furnace Filters are also know as air filters, HVAC filters, AC Filters, or Air Conditioner Filters. A dirty air filter can put a strain on your HVAC system causing long term damage to the equipment and increase your utility bills. You can then close the grill, close the latches and restart your system by pressing the mode button on your control until it is in the designed operation mode. In this case the system was put in to AUTO mode. 

 Turn Off Your AC or Heat by Changing the Mode to OFF

When replacing a filter behind a return grill vent, simply turn off your HVAC by turning off the unit from the control on the wall. This will turn off the motor and take the suction out of the system making it easy to remove the filter. Just press the mode button until it indicate off on the display. For some thermostats, you may just have an off switch.


Switch the Thermostat control to OFF using the mode button or off switch

 Notice in the image Auto is selected. By pressing the mode button the selection will move to the next operation. In the image above you would press mode once to move the selection to off.

How to Locate Your Furnace Filters

If you have asked where are my air filters located in my home? You are not  alone. Your air filter can be located in the blower compartment of your furnace, in an attached filter case or cabinet, or in a wall-mounted return air grille.

Air Filter Located Behind Return Grills

AC Filters are often located on the wall behind a return grill. If your filters are located in the return grill you may have multiple air filters to replace. Locate all of the return grills in the house. You may also have different size filters in each return. Don't assume they are all the same size. Check before ordering your filters.

Return Grill covering for furnace filter

 Sometimes you can see the filter behind the return grill. If the return grill has filters, it probably has a latch instead of screws. The latch can be on the top, side or bottom of the grill depending on how it was installed. The image below has a 2 latches on the bottom that swing out to unlock and open the grill.

Open Latch on Return Grill to replace Air Filter

Pull down on latches to open the grill and replace the AC filter. be careful when removing the grill that the whole grill doses not fall. It is a good idea to hold the grill securely when opening.

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Open return grill to replace air filter

Once both latches are open the grill can open and the dirty filter can be replaced with a new air filter.

Reset the Filter

Most thermostat controls have a setting to reset the filter. This will create an alert or reminder on the control, usually at a set period such as, 3 months, when it is time to change your filter.

reset filter on thermostat control

On this control the filter reset is on the bottom left in the red box. Pressing the filter button resets the filter alarm so you will receive a warning on the display when it is time to change the filter. Setting a filter subscription is another good way to make sure you change your filters when it is time to properly maintain your system.


Furnace Filters located in a Cabinet or Case

Many furnaces have a compartment or a cabinet for a whole house air filter such as this Lennox furnace filter in it own cabinet. 

Filter Cabinet in Lennox furnace - Where is my furnace filter located

Now that you have located your filter.

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