iWave-r 4900-20 residential air cleaner by Nu-Calgon overview, features, best place to buy

The iWave-r 4900-20 (also know as iwave r) residential air cleaner by Nu-Calgon is one of the top residential air cleaner for your home. These are a few of the features and benefits that make the iWave-r stand out as a superior option to other solutions such as  UV lights.

  • No Maintenance: Air Purifier for Residential A/C Systems
  • Easy Mounting: with Magnets 
  • Use: For Duct Systems Up To 6 Tons (2400 Cfm) 
  • Power: Universal Voltage Input - 24 VAC to 260 VAC
  • Improve Air Quality: Reduces Allergens, Odors, Smoke, Static Electricity and Airborne Particles

Watch this short video to see how to get the most of of the iWave r and find where to get it for the best price.

You can buy the filter here at Atomic

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Here is a link to Test Results for the Iwave 4900-20


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