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Lennox X8797 PCO14-23 Lowest Price $158.95 With free Shipping

X8797 Lennox Maintenance Kit for PureAir Air Cleaner Model PCO14-23 Sale $158.95 Free Shipping

Lennox Pure Air Maintenance Kits

Lennox promotes the pureair system as "ONE SOLUTION FOR THE WHOLE HOME AND EVERYONE IN IT"

Buy Now $158.95 X8797 Lennox Maintenance Kit

A Single-area air cleaner can improve the air in one room but does not address pollutants that can circulate throughout your home.  PureAir™ is offered by Lennox as a whole-home solution to provide cleaner air in every room. And according to Lennox, "every breath".


Lennox X8797 PCO14-23

Lennox makes superior quality air filters and is constantly rated as one of the top brands in air purification. Atomic Filters stocks an extensive selection of the Lennox brand air filters including the popular X8797 20x21x5 Maintenance Kit for PCO14-23 PureAir Air Cleaner. This maintenance kit contains the following items: (1) MERV 16 pleated filter model X8790 (1) PCO metal insert model X8793 (2) UV Lamps Model X8794* Replace metal insert and lamps every 24 months. Replace insert more frequently if you notice a significant drop in odor removal efficiency. If you find that you need to replace the insert more frequently than every 24 months, consider source reduction and/or ventilation to reduce the levels of contaminants in your home.



Free Shipping


DO NOT WASH metal insert. Washing will destroy the titanium dioxide catalyst that coats the insert surface. *Bulb shape may appear different depending on supply.

  • MERV 16 pleated filter model X8790 
  • PCO metal insert model X8793
  • UV Lamps Model X8794
  • Lennox OEM Part X8797
  • 20x21x5


The PureAire air purification system is made to control contaminants from microscopic dust mites and mold spores to infectious bacteria and viruses. It is the only indoor air quality system that safely removes and destroys odors and chemical vapors. Refer to your Lennox pco20-28 manual for installation.

When you choose a Lennox Pureair System you help give your family the health air they deserve.

Lennox PureAir Systems Keep Home Air Clean and Safe
The PureAire system reduces concentrations of pollutants through a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) that combines three of nature's most powerful air purifiers: 

Ultraviolet light
Titanium dioxide catalyst
Hydroxyl radicals

Other Benefits of the Lennox PureAir Purification System 

In addition to the impeccable air purification benefits. The system works to reduce Ozone, absorb order and save energy.

About the Lennox PureAir Purification System

Reduced Ozone

Many other air purification solutions can generate ozone, a known lung irritant. PureAir™ doesn’t generate any ozone. The PureAir carbon filtration actually helps reduces ozone generated by other sources in your home.

Order Absorbion

Unpleasant odors are the last thing you want in your home, aside from causing sinus irritation, they can be bad for your health. PureAir™ breaks down chemical smells and vapors, rendering them odorless and harmless.

Energy Savings

PureAir™ provides highly effective air filtration while being energy efficient. It’s a smart solution for preserving the quality of the air in your home. And it’s a smart solution for saving money on your utility bills.

Shop Lennox Furnace Filter Sizes and Collections

Atomic Carriers a Large Assortment of Lennox Filters including the Healthy Climate series and PureAir Series in many sizes. We offer all of our filter with great discounted pricing and free shipping.  We also make it easy to subscribe and receive an automatic order at your required interval.


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