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REME HALO Vs LED Induct Air Purifiers



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RGF currently makes two models REME HALO Air Purifiers, the REME-H model and the REME-HALO-LED model. Both models are installed in the duct of your HVAC system and use the same processes to actively Kill Mold, Bacteria and Virus in the Air and on Surfaces and to reduce odors, particulates, smoke, and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Most significant difference between these purifiers is that the REME-H model uses a traditional mercury filled UV bulb(life of 25,000 hrs - 2 years) in the unit, where the REME-HALO-LED model uses new LED technology(life 4-5 years) to create UV light. The REME-H model has to be installed with continuous power because cycling on and off a mercury UV bulb can drastically shorten the bulb life. The REME HALO LED can be installed to shut on and off with the air flow. Overall the REME HALO LED has a 4 year limited warranty on the bulb and 7 year limited warranty on the ballast where the REME-H has a 2 year limited warranty on the bulb and a 5 year limited warranty on the ballast. 

Top REME HALO LED Benefits over the REME HALO model REME-H

  • Longer Limited Warranty 4 years on bulb and 7 years on ballast
  • Mercury and Ozone Free
  • 2.5 times greater bulb life over vapor UV technology.
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Ionizers
  • Unlimited cycling capability designed to turn on and off with the HVAC system
  • Enhanced Zinc ceramic catalyst for superior bacteria and virus reduction

TOP Benefits of REME HALO Model REME-H

  • Uses many of same RGF Technologies available in LED to improve air quality
  • More readily Available than the LED if You have an immediate need for improved air quality
  • Lower cost than the LED


How the REME HALO Works

The REME HALO inactivates pollutants such as mold bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC's with aggressive oxidizers. The REME HALO creates ions that cause the particles to be charged and draw together making the particles larger and more easily filtered by existing filter.

Breakthrough Technology Uses powerful Friendly Oxidizers to Clean the Air

Both REME HALO's uses Six technologies to purify the air including PHI,PCO, Bi-Polar Ions, UV Hydrophilic and Cold Plasma. REME® or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy is used to create an advanced oxidation process in which an electro magnetic energy cell to create ionized hydroperoxides (H2O2), a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity. This hydrogen peroxide vapor is excellent at killing germs, reducing VOCs and eliminating unwanted odors.

Bi-polar Ionization Makes Your Existing Air Filtration More Effective

Increasing the efficiency of your existing air filters, RGF’s In-duct HVAC unit, the REME HALO®, has the added benefit of reducing airborne dust and particles through bi-polar ionization. Particles will clump together to form larger, heavier particles, which in fall out of the air or are more easily captured by your filter.

Minimize And Neutralize Indoor Air Pollutants such as Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Gases (VOCs) and Odors

According to RGF Environmental Group the REME HALO uses Photohydroionization® (PHI) which is an advanced oxidation technology they developed to minimize and neutralize indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, gases (VOCs) and odors.
PHI uses a high intensity, broad-spectrum UV light(185 nm - 254 nm) to target a hydrated quad-metallic catalyst surface. The target surface is covered with a proprietary quad-metallic and hydrophilic coating. The UV light reacts with the catalyst and moisture to produce a series of highly reactive hydroxly radicals or an advanced oxidation plasma consisting of hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions. These friendly oxidizers will revert back to oxygen and hydrogen once they’ve come in contact with and eliminated the pollutant.


The New REME HALO LED is the best choice if you can afford to wait, It comes at a higher cost but is well worth it due to lower maintenance cost and longer life of the unit.

REME HALO LED for Home Air Purification - How It Works

Get on the list to be notified when REME HALO is back in stock. 

The Model REME-H is a great unit and performs the same function for a lower initial cost and if you need a superior air purification technology urgently it is the perfect choice.


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Joseph F Giummo

Joseph F Giummo

February 11, 2022

Been using Reme Halo for years..
First Reme-H and now Reme LED
My question is For Filters what Merv is recommended???
Thank You,

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