RGF REME HALO LED Installation Wiring Diagram - for Contractors - Atomic Filters

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RGF REME HALO LED Installation Wiring Diagram - for Contractors

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RGF REME HALO LED Installation

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The following instructions are recommended installation instructions of the REME HALO LED for HVAC Contractors from the Manufacturer: 


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“When using the Halo LED on a newer HVAC unit utilizing a variable speed fan or ramping motor with constant on 24-volt control, it is recommended the enclosed relay or similar (24VAC coil, SPDT) be used in order to turn off the power to the HALO LED when the HVAC unit is turned on and off. Unlike the standard Halo, the longest life for the LED Halo is achieved with it cycling on and off as needed.

Note: This is only a recommended installation for the control relay, all wiring must be done to comply with all pertinent local codes and regulations. To avoid injury or shock hazard, ensure power is disconnected from the HVAC unit prior to any electrical work being performed.”

Notice to Installer: This unit must be wired in series with the blower to cycle on/off with the blower. This installation is required in order to be in compliance with new safety standards and to ensure maximum energy efficiency and LED module service life.

  1. Attach the relay to the AC control panel in a suitable location within the enclosure.
  2. Install ¼” UL approved female spade connectors, piggyback spade connectors may be required for some connections, (connectors not provided), on the following as per the wiring diagram below:
    1. AHU Line 1
    2. Transformer Black wire
    3. Heat sequencer relay output Line 1
    4. Yellow wire from AHU Condenser Contactor-Power
    5. Condenser Common/ TStat Common
  3. Connect the wires above to the relay per the wiring diagram, Figure 1.
  4. Connect the wires from the HALO-LED to the supplied transformer per Figure 1.
  5. Connect AHU Line 2 to the supplied transformer according to the unit voltage.

REME HALO LED for Home Air Purification 

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REME HALO LED Wiring Diagram


REME HALO LED Wiring Diagram