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Spring Sale Hamilton Beach Compatible Replacement for TrueAir 04712 Allergen Reducing Filter

Protect Yourself From Allergens With Atomic Premium Replacement Filter For TrueAir 04712

Spring is winding down in the South but grass and tree pollen is just peaking in the North East and other parts of the country. Weather you need protection from allergens or other bioaerosols in your home the Hamilton Beach Air cleaner can help keep the air you breathe in your most  important living space free of contaminates.

How to Get Maximum Effectiveness from Your Air Cleaner

Remember an Air Cleaner can only remove particles from the air. Keep your living space free of standing dust. Vacuum regularly and clean your sheet on a regular basis. If you have pets or smoke you may have to replace your filters more frequently than the recommended interval of 120 days. Bathe your pets regularly and make sure they have a diet rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as these nutrients support healthy skin. You can also buy your Hamilton Beach Trueair 04381 allergen reducer air cleaner replacement filter in bulk and save.  

hamilton beach trueair 04381 allergen reducer air cleaner


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