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Start Your New Year Healthy With a Breath of Fresh Air

Get Your Year Started Right!

Its that time of year again when we reign ourselves in from a  little overindulgence during the holidays. If you are going to start on a healthy diet and possibly adding a workout or resuming a workout routine give yourself everything you need to succeed.

Healthy Life style Atomic Filters

When you work out and you eat healthily it makes you feel better and you have more energy. You give your body the best food and right exercise but what about the air you breathe and the water you drink?

Indoor Air Quality is One of the Top Concern Cited by the EPA, CDC, and American Lung Association

Clean air for your whole family

Our air indoors can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Changing your air filter is a healthy way to start your year and give your body the fuel it needs. Let your air filter do the work so your lungs do not have to. You can check out the clean air checklist for tips on improving the air quality in your home.

A minimum of a MERV 7 Furnace Filter is recommended by the EPA to begin to protect the air quality in your home. A MERV 11 or 13 furnace filter is the recommended filter for your HVAC if you suffer from Allergies.

Use A Good Air Filter to Give your Lungs a Breathe of Fresh Air

The EPA says indoor air quality(IAQ) can be 200% to 500% more polluted than the air outside.

In  Order to protect the air in your home, the EPA says air filter rating of MERV 7 to 13 is needed

Air filter rating of 1 to 6 are basically to protect the HVAC equipment.

Atomic Makes it Easy to Be Healthy, Save Money, and Protect the Planet

Save money and help the planet- Atomic Filters  
  • Order what you need when you need it from the convenience of your home or on the go from your mobile device.
  • Make it Automatic: Recurring orders are available so you can have your filter as you needed it at a price you will love.
  • Once you find and order your filter there is only one thing left to do, share Atomic with all of your friends and family so they can get a great start to the New Year!
Share the love with your friends and family

Find Your Air Filter Easily

Atomic Filters carries a wide selection of top name brands. If you do not see the Brand or items you are looking for, use our search function to find your item by part number or size. Send us a note on our contact page if you are having trouble locating you filter and we will help you find the air filter, water filter or part accessory you need. Well known Brands including Honeywell, Carrier, Lennox, Samsung, and Whirlpool are available as well as compatible replacement Furnace filters and Water filters. Finding the right filter or size part is easy using our search function to help you find your filter or a compatible replacement air or water filter.

Remember air filters are sold by Nominal Size which is a rounded size and filters with the same Nominal size may not be compatible. It is important to look at compatibility when choosing a replacement. To find out more about finding the right filter check out this article on filter sizing.

Find your filter by size or model numberGet the right air filter from Atomic

Enter The Filter Part Number or Size from Your Current Filter in the Search, for example, enter X8795 or 16x25x5.


Water is the Best Drink for a Healthy Body

Clean Filtered Water Atomic Filters

Filtering your water with a refrigerator water filter or an under the sink filter not only saves money over bottled water it helps keep the oceans and landfills free of plastics bottle.

Find Your Water Filter Easily

Enter The Filter Part Number or Size from Your Current Filter in the Search, for example, enter LT700p or LG Water Filter to see results.


Using A water filter is not just a healthy choice it is a green choice


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