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Toptech Air Knight TT-AK24IPG-14 14 inch Superior Indoor Air Quality

Air Knight Combines IPG and PX5 Technology to Supercharge Indoor Air Quality for Your Home or Business

Toptech touts the Air Knight as a Complete whole home active air purifier. Using multiple technologies to offer best in class, active air purification indoors, the Air Knight targets bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds, respirable particulate, and more.

Air Knight Top Tech TT-AK24IPG-14 14 inch

Air Knights IPG

IPG utilizes multiple technologies to purify
indoor air including UV light, Photocatalytic Oxidation,
and dedicated dual polarity Ionization. IPG 14" has 8 to
10 times more catalyst surface area and 3" more UV
light than REME Halo, Air Scrubber, Air Oasis Nano and
more. IPG also produces ionization at a much higher
rate than its competitors.

Air Knight Highlights


  • UV Output: 12" Dual frequency lamp
  • Ionization Output: 1,000,000 positive and 1,000,000 negative in 1 cubic centimeter measured at 4 feet
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • Twist lock power cord
  • Addresses Particulate
  • Addresses VOC's
  • Addresses Biologicals
  • Superior PX5 Technology Creates a longer lasting hyrogen peroxide output


How PX5 Technology Supercharges the Air Knight

The PX5 technology uses a metallic catalyst containing a proprietary mix of 5 noble metals including Rhodium, Platinum, Titanium, Copper and Silver. Other manufactures may utilize Titanium and at most two other metals in their core. By adding Platinum and Rhodium, the reaction caused to create the vaporized H2O2 happens more quickly and strengthens the bond between the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. The Bonded Ionized Hydrogen peroxide molecule then last longer in the conditioned space.

According to Toptech, the Air Knights PX5 technology uses photo-ionic oxidation to address indoor air problems. Photo-ionic oxidation is the process of UV light exciting the proprietary blend of noble metals contained within the catalyst to produce aerosolized hydrogen peroxide or H2O2. Aerosolized H2O2 is effective in reducing bacteria, viruses, odors, and other contaminants that exist in the air you breathe indoors.

The PX5 technology has been designed to get the highest possible production from the catalyst technology. The PX5 technology has 6-8 times more catalyst/core surface area compared to most other manufacturers. The PX5 has patented internal reflectors that reflects the UV light across the entire surface area of the core maximizing the reaction process.



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