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Atomic Compatible Replacement for BlueAir 400 Series SmokeStop Filter

Atomic Compatible replacement for Blueair 400 Series Dual Protection Filter 402DPF is designed for the maximum particle, gas and odor removal. Recommended for removing heavy gases, odors and VOCs. Optimized for Blueair's HEPA Silent technology, removing 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron, even on the lowest fan speed. Package contains one (1) Atomic Compatible for Blueair 400 Series Dual Protection 402DPF Filter and fits Blueair models 403, 405, 450E, 402, 410, 455EB, 480i.

Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 3.8 in.  (521 x 250 x 95 mm)
Weight: 4.4 lbs  
Filter type: Non-woven gradient PP and PE blend fibers and activated carbon granules.
Pleats: 102
Effective filter area: 38.2 sq ft  (3.55 m²)
Basis weight: 3.40 oz/yd²  (115 g/m²)
Media thickness: 0.028 in.  (0.70 mm)
Carbon: Activated carbon, impregnated with a 70/30 blend of Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Iodide
Carbon weight: 2.21 lbs  (1,000 g)
Minimum surface area: 950 m²/g
Pleat separators: Non hazardous, EVA based, VOC free, UV resistant
Recommended filter change: 6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours per day

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Customer Reviews

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Fits well enough, but very light

Filter fits BlueAir Classic 480i, not as tightly as OEM, but flowing air doesn't whistle at any speed. This filter is much, much lighter than OEM, undoubtedly indicating less activated carbon. I unwrapped it a few days before installation; there has been no noticeable odor. If the particle filter operates as claimed, the filter will be worth its price.