Lennox Healthy Climate X8794 Pureair UV Lamps - 2 Pack

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X8794 Healthy Climate Pureair UV Lamps PCO20-28/16-28/14-23. Lennox X8794 UV Bulb for PureAire Air Cleaners.  The UVA lamps activate the photocatalyst on the metal insert that captures and destroys chemicals as they flow through the PCO. 
  • 2 Bulbs
  • Replacement for Lennox X8794
  • UltraUV High Output Quartz Glass 30% to 40% more UV
  • UltraUV - UV Germicidal Quartz Bulb 55 and 60 watt
  • Works in 55 watt and 60 watt UVC fixtures
  • Bulbs fit Air Cleaner Models:  PCO16-28, PCO14-23 and PCO20-28
  • Each air cleaner requires 2 Bulbs at a time
  • Lennox recommends yearly replacement

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
B Price
Received Unbroken

The lamps work great and were priced great! They were really not packed well though. They were packed loosely in a box that was far too big, but somehow even with the way the deliver guy throws boxes around they made it without being broken.

Eddie Robertson
Poor Packing

I purchased two UV bulbs which I thought would be very fragile but they made it through the mail with very little protection from being broken. The bulbs were placed in an over size box with no wrapping to protect them except from there own personal box from the factory. Other poor packing this company is good on their prices and availability.

Jeffery Reine
Clean Air

Just an accessory to ensure you aren't breathing germs and such. Product worked as expected and began cleaning upon installation. OEM parts.

Frank Henry
Replacement U-VERSE Lights

It took awhile for the lights to come in. When I got them they were in great shape besides being loosely packaged. I plugged them in and they worked with no issues. They look and work great.

Dan Wilson
Received bulbs

I was lucky the bulbs were not broke, bulbs were in bottom of box with bobble rap on top, when received box was half opened. I recommend you pack boxes better, you must lose money on broken items. Lights worked, thanks.