PRO1 IAQ PRO1 T705 Single Stage AC Programmable Digital Thermostat

  • PRO1 T705 Single Stage NEW AL Air Conditioner Programmable Digital Thermostat
  • Multicolored
  • Dimensions of thermostat: 4.7"W x 4.4"H x 1.1"D
  • 4 sq. inch display

  • Blue backlight

  • Glow in the dark light button

  • Easy access battery compartment

  • Electric or Gas configurable

  • Separate heating and cooling swing (cycle rate) adjustments

  • Room temperature calibration adjustments 

  • 5 minute compressor delay protection (selectable on or off)

  • Simple private label badge system

  • Easy wire color coded terminal blocks

  • Universal sub-base

  • Mounts on wall or junction box

  • Battery or 24v power

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Customer Reviews

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Miguel Chavez
Loses temperature setting

My thermostat has batteries everyyear when starting I set A/C Cold or Heat temperature set point temperature,unit starts after 1 or 2 minutes temperature go crazy up and or down back to 62 if heat and 83 when ask for cooling I guess will need to bring technician, this has been 3 years after installed,now I have 12 years with it.