Trane BAYFTFREXM2 (2-Pack) - 25 x 5 inch Perfect Fit 5 Expandable Replacement Air Filter Media

Trane BAYFTFREXM2 Filter (2-Pack) - Perfect Fit 5" Expandable Replacement Air Filter FLR07963

  • Nominal Size: the bayftfrexm2 size has approvimate dimensions of 25" x 5" - Requires: Retrofit Frame Kit Features
  • Trane recommends this filter be replaced every 6-12 months for maximum efficiency
  • 2 Filters
  • Fit Frame Kit BAYFRAME210A Nominal 21x27x5 actual 20.7x26.2x5  
  • Replaces Supersedes:  FLR6232 , FLR06232 , FLR-6232 , FLR6373 , FLR06373 , FLR-6373 , FLR-7963 , FLR7963 , BAYFTFREXM2A , BAYFTFREXM , MERV10 Honeywell TRN , and others.

No Need to try to find the Trane BAYFTFREXM (2-Pack) - Perfect Fit 5" Expandable Replacement Air Filter at Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon or Lowes. Atomic Filters can deliver the Perfect Fit 5 filter Media right to your door.  This is an authentic and brand new Trane BAYFTFREXM2 (2-Pack) - Perfect Fit 5" Expandable Replacement Air Filter Trane recommends Trane perfect fit filters be replaced every 6-12 months for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. BAYFTFREXM2 Replacement Frequency depends on the condition of the environment and the use of the area being filtered. 

Trane/American Standard BAYFTFREXM Expandable Media Type Replacement Filter

BAYFTFREXM2 Specifications: - MERV Rating: 8 - Filter Life: Up to 12 Months - Nominal Size: 25" x 5" - Requires: Retrofit Frame Kit Features: - Easy Sliding Cartridge for Quick Replacement - Evenly Spaced Pleats Capture Maximum Particles - Helps Keep Your HVAC System Operating at Peak Performance

Technical Details


The BAYFTFREXM2 and BAYFTAHEXM2 use the same filters sleave in packaging but are different filters. Check the actual filter not the sleave for the correct item number when ordering your Trane Perfect Fit 5" Filter Media. See the image below:


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Frank Komo
As advertised

On time.
Best price!

Art Barnett
furnace filter

The filter was an easy installation and fit perfectly. Am confident knowing it is doing the job!


Perfect fit like OEM original. Excellent quality.

PW Los Angeles
Just what I needed, perfect fit, easy installation

HVAC Filter was exactly what I needed. It fit perfectly and installation was easy. Website was easy to navigate and it was easy to determine what size filter I needed for my house heater and air conditioner. I will continue to be a customer for all of my room air cleaners in the future.

russell a.
Great service! Great product!

Product arrived ahead of schedule, price was less that in-store and installation was easy.


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