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Building Trane ServiceFirst Envirowise QuickBox FLRQB5AH23M11 Filters and others

Trane has several models of Quick box filters which ship flat and pop up, but require some assembly. Usually it is HVAC professionals who handle building theses filter and installing them in your HVAC unit, but more and more consumers are ordering there filters direct so we though we would put together a short video tutorial to help those who are not familiar with the assembly of these filters.

Here are some of the Quickbox filter model numbers. Click on the part number to go to the product page. Size and Model number experience checked by Atomic.

FLRQB5AH18M11 17.7 x 20 x 4.7

FLRQB5AH21M11 20.7 x 20 x 4.7

FLRQB5AH23M11 22.7 x 20.7 x 4.7

FLRQB5AH26M11 25.2 x 20 x 4.7

FLRQB5DN17M11 16.7 x 20 x 4.7

FLRQB5FR16M11 15.7 x 19 x 4.7

FLRQB5FR17M11 16.7 x 26 x 4.7 

FLRQB5FR21M11 20.2 x 26 x 4.7

FLRQB5FR24M11 23.7 x 26 x 4.7

Here are the assembly instructions in the Atomic Trane filter video. Be careful as you unpack the media, the wire on the back side if the media can have some sharp edges at the edge of the filter media.


Here are the instructions on the frame of the filter:

build and assemble Trane Quick box FLRQB5AH23M11

Step 1: Shake filter media out and slowly expand.

FLRQB5AH23M11 assembly instructions Trane Quick Box filter

Step 2:  Fold up the sides after expanding filter media.

FLRQB5AH23M11 assembly instructions

Unfold the pop up Frame.

Expand the frame FLRQB5AH23M11 assembly instructions

Place popup frame over outside of Media and lock in tabs.


FLRQB5AH23M11 assembly instructions Trane Quick Box filter


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